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Sara Dowse
January 1, 1996

Digging begins with the ghost of a dog.
‘She was standing on the footpath, her head turned just so, and her long face with its reproachful eyes was exactly the same as when I knew her.’

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as the lonely fly Sara dowse author

As the Lonely Fly

Sara Dowse

June 2017

As the Lonely Fly is a profoundly moving novel from one of Australia’s most gifted storytellers. Shining a light on the dispersal of peoples and the intertwined fates of Jews and Palestinians, it is a story with deep contemporary resonance.

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Fitzroy River, artist Sara Dowse

Fitzroy River

Street corner memory, artist Sara Dowse

Street Corner

Kimberly 1b abstract, artist Sara Dowse


Sara Dowse

Author and Artist


Welcome to my resurrected website.  Sometime during the pandemic she lost her way in cyberspace, taking with her my Charlotte is Moved blog, a list of my books and extracts from their reviews, a sample short story, and galleries of my artwork.  It’s been a job summoning it all up again but it needed upgrading anyway and I’m pleased to have this shiny new version.

For those unfamiliar with either me or my work, I’m the author of six novels, the first published in 1983, the latest in 2017.  Since resigning from the Australian public service in 1977 I’ve been teaching, writing reviews, poetry and commentary on a wide range of topics, contributing to anthologies and editing a couple of my own.  Towards the beginning of the new millennium I began creating artwork with Adobe Photoshop and then started using traditional media or a combination of both.  By now I’m a confirmed word-and-picture person, a condition that’s given me joy but at times feeling I’m torn between the two.

Sara Dowse, author and artist


Charlotte is moved

Child Care: Then and Now

Child Care: Then and Now

It’s winter, 1972.  Hair was longer, hems were shorter than they’d been for years.  Rising opposition to Australia's involvement in the war in Vietnam was opening up other cracks in what was still a deeply conservative society. After a long campaign, government...

Vale, Jen McDonald

Vale, Jen McDonald

My dear friend Jennifer McDonald died, aged 60, on Tuesday, July 19.   A week later, coming back from a memorial held in her honour, I stopped at the co-op grocery to buy myself a bar of chocolate.  Chocolate is my addiction of necessity now as I can no longer...

Charlotte is Back

Charlotte is Back

Welcome to the resuscitated Charlotte is Moved.  According to Wikipedia, I'd posted the blog, 'with political, social and artistic themes, from 2013 to 2016.'  I don't remember why I stopped writing it, but my guess is that because of my partner's death in 2015, I had...